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The General Hospital area is located on the southern slope of Mont Royal, above Sherbrooke street. Some people consider it part of Centre-ville (downtown), but the area is distinct in that it's almost completely residential (with the exception of the research facilities of McGill University).

The exact borders are a matter of opinion. The area north of Avenue du Docteur-Penfield can certainly be called the General Hospital Area, and, for lack of better options, everything above Rue Sherbrooke and west of Chemin Côte-des-Neiges too. The irregular western border corresponds to that of the borough Ville Marie.

Residents of the General Hospital Area are somewhat older and typically, more affluent than residents of the rest of the borough.


Apartment buildings in this area generally tend to be somewhat upscale, particularly the low-rise buildings and townhouses (although the latter don't form a majority: most of the area consists of rather generic mids- and high-rises.

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