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Renting is popular in Montreal - in fact, about 54% of Montreal residents rent (rather than own) their apartments – a proportion higher than in almost all Norther American cities except New York.

Montrealers are lucky to have a variety of rental housing options: from high-rise rental towers to mid-rise structures to Montreal's classic "duplex" and "triplex" buildings to simple detached houses. Many 1960s and 1970s high-rises were built with an eye to maximizing the return on investment rather than comfort or aesthetics; apartments in such buildings typically have low (8') ceilings and the buildings themselves often sport a rather uninviting exterior. On the other hand, older apartments and those in low-to-mid-rise buildings often have higher ceilings (8'6" to 10'), which makes them more comfortable, more spacious, and less dependent on air conditioning in the summer. Modern buildings targeting the upper segment of the rental market also tend to give you at least 8'6" of vertical space to live in, in addition to central air-conditioning.

Montrealers have a peculiar way of referring to apartment layouts. Generally, one has to think about the number of rooms in the apartment, including the kitchen (if it's an eat-in kitchen), but counting the bathroom as only ½ of a room. The result is roughly as follows: 1½=studio, 2½=studio w/ eat-in kitchen ("bachelor"); 3½=1-bedroom, 4½=2-bedroom, etc.

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Rental Buildings in Ville Marie

The borough of Ville Marie is the most densely-populated district of the city. A significant percentage of multi-apartment rental buildings are located here.

See all Ville Marie rental buildings in our database (84 buildings).

Rental Buildings in Plateau Mont Royal

Although most of the Plateau is low-rise, larger multi-apartment buildings do exist - most are clustered toward the southern and western edges of the borough.

See all Plateau Mont Royal rental buildings in our database (46 buildings).

Rental Buildings in Westmount

Located just west of the Ville Marie borough, the municipality of Westmount has many smaller (4-5 storey) multi-apartment buildings, particularly along St-Catherine and Sherbrooke Ouest streets.

See all Westmount rental buildings in our database. (36 buildings)

Rental Buildings in Borough Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

See all Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce rental buildings in our database. (36 buildings)

Rental Buildings in Borough Outremont

Rental Buildings in Municipality Côte St-Luc

Rental Buildings in Municipality Ville Mont Royal

Rental Buildings in Borough Rosemont - La Petite Patrie

Rental Buildings in Borough Lasalle

Rental Buildings in Borough Verdun

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