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A vast area at the bottom of Mont Royal which, unlike many others in the city, is actually flat. Le Plateau is arguably the "hippest" neighbourhood in Montreal. You will find a multitude of bars, cafes and restaurants, including a very good selection of inexpensive ethnic ones.

Before becoming the hippest neighbourhood in town, Le Plateau was actually more of a poor enclave popular with the newly arrived immigrants. Many arrived from post-war Portugal (mostly from the province of the Azores and the city of Porto) and that gave part of the area a distinct lusophone identity.

Nowadays, most (new) residents are professionals and students in their 20's and early 30's, although plenty of oldtimers and some families remain.

In addition to being the hipster central, Le Plateau is quite popular with French expatriates (which number almost 100,000 in Montréal) and the French accent here is heard almost as often as the local Québecois accent. It should be noted that Quebec's French expatriate community (125,000 in all of Quebec inlcuding Montreal) is the largest outside of France.

Speaking of languages and accents, although Le Plateau as a neighbourhood is clearly majority-francophone, its western edges (Blvd St-Laurent) are more mixed: one hears French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and several other languages all the time.


Although several high-rises exist (particularly along rue Sherbrooke on the southern edges of the neighbourhood), most Plateau dwellers live in two-three storey row houses. The quality of apartments varies and if you're the type who's into ultra-modern amenities, Le Plateau may not necessarily be your thing.

On the other hand, older apartments often have high ceilings (the bane of most high-rises being their excrucitating efficiency and the 8' ceilings that come with it - older houses were built more on a human scale and boast 9' or 10' ceilings).

Apartment rents and sales prices here are generally above average, but deals can often be found.

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