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Population101,055 (2007)
Median Age34.4 (2007 estimate)
Area7.74 km2
Density13056.20 p/km2

The Plateau Mont Royal is Montreal's youngest and probably the most "gentrified" borough. The predominant architecture is the standard Montreal triplex. High-rise multi-apartment buildings tend to be located on the edges of the borough (around McGill University to the west and around Sherbrooke Street to the south).

The Plateau Mont Royal residents (typically, young professionals) are known for their taste for eclectic restaurants, ethnic food, and commuting to work by bike in record numbers.


  • Le Plateau - the quasi-eponymous center of the borough, Le Plateau is a hip area, boasting a lion's share of the city's restaurants and bars. Linguistically mixed, but predominantly francophone.
  • Mile End - a somewhat more anglophone sister of Le Plateau. Initially cheaper and more "edgy" than the latter, it has become just as gentrified and hip in the 2000s.
  • McGill Ghetto - a small area just east of McGill University mostly populated by its students (who are mostly anglophone). The "ghetto" moniker is somewhat misleading - the area is neither dangerous nor is it rundown.


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