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Market Expands; Average Condo $226,000

Posted 11/Mar/2007 20:00:00 by Gromco

Market expands 11%; Average condo price on Montréal island reaches $226,000 (up 3%)...

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M9 Update: Almost Ready

Posted 11/Mar/2007 18:15:00 by Slavito

M9 Condos has entered the final stages of construction. The building is open for visits...

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Avenue du Parc To Change Name

Posted 25/Oct/2006 02:30:00 by Gromco

You may have heard it on the news - if the city administration has its way, Avenue du Parc will soon change its name to Boulevard Robert Bourassa...

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1009 de Bleury: Construction Update

Posted 15/Apr/2006 16:00:00 by Gromco

We're happy to report that the emptiness around Palais des Congrès is being filled with residential buildings. Here's the progress report on 1009 de Bleury.

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