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Pine/Parc Intersection To Stay Green

Posted 25/Nov/2007 23:20:00 by Gromco

The Gazette reported that following the residents' vote on Friday nothing will probably be built on the southern side of Pine/Parc intersection in the next few years and it may eventually be turned into a park. Previous projects included, among other options, a futuristic-looking office tower.

Two Sud-Ouest Shootings Investigated

Posted 09/Oct/2007 15:39:00 by Gromco

Residents concerned about the increase in drug- and gang-related violence in Little Burgundy (Borough Sud-Ouest)...

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Fire At Imperial

Posted 02/Oct/2007 14:40:00 by Gromco

A fire broke out yesterday on the roof of unfinished Imperial Lofts in St-Henri, The Gazette reported.

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Vacancy Rate Returns To Normal

Posted 23/Sep/2007 19:30:00 by Gromco

Le Devoir reports that recent construction activity in downtown Montreal, which is still going strong in 2007, has resulted in a signifiant increase in rental vacancy rates...

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Ritz-Carlton To Undergo Extensive Renovations

Posted 19/Sep/2007 01:58:00 by Gromco

Le Devoir reports that Ritz-Carlton hotel on Sherbrooke Street will soon undergo extensive renovations and conversions, which will reduce the number of hotel rooms and add condo residences.

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$400 Million Project Around La Gare Viger

Posted 23/Aug/2007 22:00:00 by Gromco

La Presse reports that La Gare Viger on may very well soon be surrounded by an ensemble of eight buildings one of which would be a 60-metre tower. The developers will submit the final details of the $400 million project for public review in the Fall...

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St-Denis Fire Destroys L'Barouf, Le Continental

Posted 23/Jul/2007 23:00:00 by Slavito

As I am typing this, a serious fire is still raging on rue St-Denis, destroying what's left of two highly respected establishments of Montreal's dining and nightlife scene, respectively. The unfortunate victims are L'Barouf bar and Le Continental restaurant. The fire started shortly after 7pm at a nearby store and quickly consumed the entire building. The smoke was visible from a few miles away (I noticed it while biking along Lachine canal near Atwater).

M9-I Update: Residents Moving In

Posted 12/Jul/2007 13:00:00 by Slavito

Late June was the delivery date for M9 condos (phase I) and it seems that the developers... well, delivered. I walked by the building in the evening and could clearly see that quite a few apartments are now occupied (my guesstimate would be around 30%-40%) with residents arranging their belongings and enjoying all five of their brand-new kitchen appliances. I was a bit surprised at how bright the light accents on the Prince Street side turned out to be (see photo), but I guess that was part of the deal.

McGill Ouest - Phase II update

Posted 11/Jul/2007 00:11:00 by Slavito

I recently walked by the construction site of McGill Ouest - Phase II. It seems that they're about half way through in terms of floors - five have been built (only the skeleton, no walls or exterior panels). The building itself, located at the corner of William and King, is practically a mirror image of the Phase I, except apartment layouts will be different.

Real Estate Resale Market Alive and Kicking

Posted 14/Jun/2007 23:45:00 by Gromco

For all the talk of the imminent cooling, Montreal's real estate market continues unabated. At least its resale (secondary) component does. The average price of a condo changing hands on the island is now $234,000...

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