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This is the list of Montreal rental property managers in our database. The companies listed here typically manage all aspects of building operations, including rental application processing.
  • Acmon (1 building) - Acmon owns and manages residential and commercial properties in Québec, Ontario, Alberta and the American mid-west. In total, the company manages well over 6,000 reside....
  • Augusta Capital Inc (1 building) - Capital Augusta Inc is a specialist in leasing residential and commerical properties.
  • CIF (1 building) - C.I.F. Properties has owned and managed residential real-estate for over 25 years.
  • Cap Reit (14 buildings, 11 listings) - Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAPREIT) is one of Canada's largest owners of rental communities, with over 30,000 apartments under management....
  • Casco Apts (4 buildings) - The company manages a handful of buildings in Montreal and Westmount. Most buildings are owned by The Gustav Levinschi Foundation.
  • Centurion Property Associates Inc (1 building)
  • Cogir (7 buildings) - Cogir manages more than 13,000 apartments in the Montreal region, its periphery and in Ontario.
  • Cogéfimo (4 buildings)
  • Creccal Investments Ltd (2 buildings)
  • Cromwell Management (34 buildings) - The company manages over 5,000 apartment units.
  • Farasat Real Estate - Established in 2001. Mostly manages small buildings.
  • Federal Real Estate (17 buildings) - Federal Real Estate offers a broad range of accommodations and rentals with over 1,000 units and 15 buildings located throughout Montreal.
  • Globe General Agencies (2 buildings) - Globe General Agencies is a real estate investment and management company founded in 1927. The company manages over 5,000 units nation-wide.
  • Group Immobilier Akan
  • Groupe Denux (4 buildings)
  • Groupe Lepine - Groupe Lepine is a real estate development company with more than 9 million square feet of residential properties
  • Howard Szalavetz Properties (5 buildings) - Howard Szalavetz Properties is a private family-owned manager of 800+ residential units in Montreal.
  • Lameer (3 buildings)
  • Laurier Trinova (2 buildings)
  • LCN Management Inc (4 buildings)
  • Metcap Living (3 buildings) - MetCap Living is a leader in providing quality accommodation and services in Canada's multi-family apartment and seniors' living sectors. Our philosophy is simple: we bel....
  • Miromont Gestion Inc. (2 buildings)
  • Moteli (2 buildings) - We currently manage over 2500 residential units, along with numerous commercial and industrial complexes. Our management division offers a full range of services, from ....
  • Oxford Residential (2 buildings) - Oxford Residential owns and manages apartment rental communities across major cities in Nova Scotia, Quebec and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Realstar (2 buildings) - Founded in 1974, Realstar is involved in every facet of multi-unit residential real estate. Its real estate investment arm, Realstar Properties Limited, is one of the lar....
  • Resana Property Management (2 buildings) - A family-operated company working in the real estate business since 1985.
  • Rubin Zimmerman Properties (1 building)
  • Symac (2 buildings)
  • Tidan Hospitality & Real Estate Group (2 buildings)
  • Timbercreek Asset Management Inc (10 buildings) - Founded in 1999, Timbercreek Asset Management is an owner and operators of multi-unit residential properties in Canada. It currently manages eight buildings in the Montr....
  • Transglobe - TransGlobe manages a national portfolio of more than 31,000 rental suites and 5.3 million square feet of prime commercial space from coast to coast.
  • Trylon (3 buildings)
  • Vertica (2 buildings)
  • Viglione Properties Inc. (3 buildings)
  • Westmount Complex (3 buildings) - Westmount Complex is a residential property manager that has been in business for over 40 years. It currently manages just under 200 rental units in several buildings.

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