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Supposedly, 15,000 signed a petition to save the Spectrum club

La Ville de Montréal recevra vendredi une pétition de 15 000 noms.
Those who went last year (remember Astronautas?) will surely want to go again: the Spanish-language cinema @ Cinema du Parc this month, until the 15th:

A sudden change in the situation which may put the entire thing to rest: the family of the late Québec premier asked the mayor to withdraw his plans in the wake of the controvercy...
Le projet de changement de nom de l'avenue du Parc et de la rue de Bleury pour l'avenue Robert-Bourassa est abandonné par le maire de Montréal, Gérald Tremblay. Cette décision a été prise après que la famille Bourassa eut exprimé son désir de voir le projet retiré pour éviter la controverse. 

The latest is this: Montreal Gazette reported that an architect proposed a compromise, apparently supported by those opposed to renaming:
Call it Plaza, Place or Piazza Robert Bourassa, if you'd like, but a Montreal architect is urging the city to transform the newly rebuilt Pine/Park Interchange into a public esplanade, name it after the late premier and ditch plans to rename Park Ave. and Bleury St.... 
A group of about 7 of us (some readers of this site/forum, some not) went to see Pan's Labyrinth (aka "El Laberinto del Fauno") @ CdP a couple of days ago.

Although opinions diverged a little bit, I think most people agreed this is an exceptional movie - at the very least worth seeing to have an opinion about. I'd go further saying it moved me more than anything I've seen in the last 5-7 years...

It is perhaps not a "date" film, but neither does it fall into other categories people have tried to assign to it (certainly not "horror"). It mixes fantasy and (brutal) reality such a curious way that I'd even call it "fantastic realism".

Playing @ Cinema du Parc in Spanish, with French subtitles:

I walked by and took some photos recently:
Here's a nice (if a bit long) obituary. (@

I've been to Ben's only once. Did not like the service (no matter how authentic and befitting), and thought that below-average-quality breakfast should probably not cost $15. Any NYC diner will make better eggs for $4. (And they will call probably you honey, whether you like it or not. Personally, I still prefer that to a waiter who grabs his tip from the table and withdraws without uttering a sound...)

Ok, here's what to see @ Cinema du Parc: not one but TWO award-winning movies.

1) VOLVER (Pedro Almodóvar)

(with Penélope Cruz).

Cannes Festival 2006: Best Screenplay, Best Actress (to the Ensemble Cast)

2) BABEL (Alejandro González IÑÁRRITU)

(with Brad Pitt)

Cannes Festival 2006: Award for Best Director

Ok, the Avenue du Parc renaming saga continues. As one would imagine, Ave du Parc merchants are not taking this lying down:

I actually talked to one of the store owners about this recently. He, like many others, is against it. Not only because he'll have to reprint his stationary and business cards....

He told me something else which makes a lot of sense. Although not many people realize it, there's a connection that exists between Montréal and New York. We are both island cities. New Yorkers have their Central Park, we have Park Mont Royal (planned by the same person, by the way). The have their "west" and "east" streets, so we have "ouest" and "est". In place of Broadway we have St-Laurent. They have the Village, we have the Village. They are both gay. (Not that there's anything wrong with it). Our two cities are the only places in North America where you CAN NOT turn right on red. Everywhere else you can.

I am not even mentioning many distinguished architects who built both here and in NYC. (Ree and Alban - you remember Westmount Square? Vividly? When you are in New York this weekend, walk by Seagram Building on Park Avenue and see if you spot any similarities... Both were designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)

So, essentially, we are a "mini-New York" here. So, it's only fitting that we have our Park Avenue, too. Ok, let's call it Avenue du Parc. But it IS our Park Avenue! Let's keep this simple and pretty name... We can name something else after Mr. Bourassa.
I was just there a couple of hours ago.

Two movies playing this month caught my attention: VOLVER (w/Penelope Cruz) and something with Brad Pitt - I believe it's called "Babel"

P.S. Prices are $10 "regular", $7 "student" admission. Was it the same with previous owners?
And another one:

P.S. See? That's what I am getting at! We need somebody to actually cross those lanes, casually.... I can only wonder where the two suits are coming from (Parc Jeanne-Mance, obviously) and what's inside those briefcases. I'll leave it to your imagination...
BTW, I posted a semi-relevant photo:

That's what it looked like 2 months ago.
John of MidnightPoutine recently posted his musings on the subject of the new intersection of Ave du Parc & des Pins:

I have to say that I basically agree with him. It does look better, but... something is still missing. People, to be sure. Just like drivers still haven't learned anything about the new traffic lights, pedestrians still seem to consider this to be a "can't walk there" zone.... May be a bike track would help to encourage the circulation of people across (admittedly more accessible) lanes.

Post your ideas and suggestions, if you have any. Not that anyone would do anything about them, but it would be nice to diagnose the problem.

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