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I live in Montreal and am moving around August/September (August if I find a really nice place then...) and I was considering a 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 in Outremont area, near the mountain. I found this property:

These guys own a bunch of buildings, and most of them (this one included) seems to have about 20 known availabilities!!! It's a 16 floor building!

Should I take this as a bad sign that there are so many availabilities so early? I called another place nearby and they said they didn't even know when people are moving out yet, and to call back in July.

In general, do you guys think tons of availabilities in a building is a bad thing? They do seem to be significantly more expensive than some nearby places.
Darn, I was looking for places and the Federal Real Estate building on 3565 Lorne looked nice But now I am really suspicious of these people. I did ask someone moving out of this building if he liked it and he said it wasn't bad. Unfortunately he was busy and I couldn't get much more out of him.
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