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Found this reply for you about the building:
Moving from South Shore and would like an apartment in town. Could you send me some photos of the outside/inside a 3-1/2 apt?

Thanks in advance,
Considering renting a 3-1/2 at this location.

Does anyone have any comments that they know of?

Thanks in advance.

I keep calling to see places and no one returns my calls. Perhaps because I told them I would not fill anything out in advance and give out sensitive info (especially on-line) until I have seen an apartment.

No one has returned my call. I guess this saved me a heap of trouble from what I'm hearing.

Thanks everyone!
I came across a similar add last year... this person began pushing and pushing for me to send money (I did not provide him with any info) and I suggested he get a real estate representative to represent him on this end, if it is indeed a legitimate rental. This way I could be shown the apartment, be given the keys once I signed the lease. After I started pushing back the guy high-tailed it out of my emails and I reported him to on-line crimes.

Be very aware!

I'm not sure if I understand your email... are you wanting to return to the apartment as at August 1st? I was confused with having to store your furniture.

I am moving June 1st from the South Shore and I was looking for a June 1st apartment (3-1/2) in town.

I'd love to come and see the place once your intentions are confirmed.

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