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Clean apartment but very thin walls and horrible HORRIBLE service from company and in-building janitor couple. They constantly talk smack about all the other tenants telling you who is dirty, who smells, who is "mean"... it's all very immature and unprofessional. They were more concerned about their plants when I first moved in than my poor friend and Uncle who were lugging a very heavy couch into the apartment and wanted me close the door on them as they came up the walk almost injuring my uncle; some welcome!

I've also had very weird/nasty messages left on my phone where the janitor woman who runs the building accuses me of having parties (not be be a bummer, but I don't have enough friends in the city to have a party! lol) and smoking "the funny stuff". Let me be clear, I smoke nothing! Not cigarettes or otherwise, EVER.

The biggest travesty came however when my wallet and keys were robbed from my locker at my gym and they refused to let me back into my apartment. Yes, MY OWN APARTMENT. They told me it was my fault and I should have made copies of the keys. It took me two weeks of misery to finally get back into my place and yes, they had the keys all along. My apartment is quite nice but boy am I glad to be gone - mean, mean heart-ed people.
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