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Taz wrote:
Be aware...first off it's in Montreal and not Westmont. The building is considered Montreal so the taxes and privilages of Wesmont do not apply to residents of 2054. Also this building is falling apart, too many dogs and lazy dirty tenants who don't care about the building or the others who live in it. The fire alarm is always going off (probably because some jerk pulls the fire alarm to mess with the owner. The owner is the worst landlord in the city and doesn't care about the tenants needs or issues. It is the dirtiest, infested building ever to be lived in in his neighborhood right
next to Westmont. It's a shame to see such a beautiful building go to hell.  

2084 Claremont is just as bad. I believe it's the same landlord.
Worse off, it's so noisy...that tenants of appartment 21 party until 7am yell and scream and the landlord doesn't do jack crap.
Time to start calling the police.
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