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A good bar downstairs. Which could be either positive or negative, depending on your outlook.
I also lived in La Cité (for a year) and found it a bit expensive for the quality. I was there a few years back - some things may have changed, although visited a friend last year and it seemed to be the same as I remember it.

My main gripes are, basically, 2:

1) Carpeted floors on top of concrete. This is just not good for your health. I've heard they'd finally started to change them, but I haven't seen any apartments with hardwood floors.

2) Low ceilings, with a particularly ugly wall/ceiling plastering. In general, everything looks like a cheap motel, especially in furnished units where all furnishings are of the appropriate style. It's ok for a short-term stay, but it does not feel like a place you can call home.

And then they charge too much. For this price you can get yourself a really nice place just a few blocks east.

do you mind giving a hint on where you found your quiet older place? i am actually looking for something like that myself...

i visited the M.S. last year, after the management change. they had a few studios for $1,050, i believe, and they aren't bad; however, they were all facing the courtyard with not much light. i didn't get the impression that the rental agent was clueless. overall, the building seems ok to me.
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