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I have never seen such disgusting management in my life!! i will be honest..its a clean place and if it werent for the deafening noise it would be a lovely place to live. Except it seems at least 3 times a week I was forced out of my apartment because unannounced work was being done in an apartment close to mine. And because the building is made entirely of concrete the work is jack hammering and drilling. I would sit on the couch with my roommate and we couldnt hear each other even if we yelled. i had my ipod on full blast and i could still hear the noise loud and clear.

i was so excited to move in because it seems perfect, heating included, nice hardwood floors..but then the noise started...and i have lived there for 18 months and out of that time maybe 8 weeks was noise free. not only that but they dont warn you when they work with chemical either. The other week it smelled horribly of paint thinner so much so we had to open the windows in minus 10 degree weather. One night we made pasta, the next day i brought it to work to eat and it tasted of paint thinner...thats how strong it was.

the management made this out to be our fault. One saturday morning the work started, i had got home from work around 12:30 and went straight to bed. I needed a good nights rest because i was really sick. i obviously couldnt sleep so i called the office. and between drillings i explained my situation and my displeasure with the situation. The man answered me, and i quote, "LADY! the human body only needs 7 hours of sleep so you should get up anyways. and LADY! you should go to bed earlier" i tried to explain that this is my home and im sick and its the weekend, and i would have appreciated a notice saying there would be work on saturday. but he said he doesnt have to put a notice up and will never up a notice up. he would only notify people if they had to work in THEIR apt, even though it really affects everyone on that floor, the floor below and above.

anyways, i know that was a lot of ranting, but i really want to stress that unless you work from 7 am-7pm Mon-Sat, expect a lot of noise.

im writing this because i wish i had read a warning before i moved in.
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