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I currently live in Place Elgin - I've been here since August 2009. I have nothing bad to say about the building, the apartment was given to me in good condition (small 1 bedroom) and I haven't really had any problems since. My drains in my sink and tub got clogged at one point - I reported it to the landlord and someone was in to unclog them within 24 hours.

The pool is great, the door men are all very friendly and the 24 hour couche tard on the second floor is very convenient.

The only downside is the rent, a bit on the steep side which is why I'm moving. My lease for next year was bumped up to $1048 (from $1010) and I live in the smallest unit type in the building. However the location is fantastic - steps across the street from McGill and walking distance to pretty much anywhere downtown.

Hope this Helps!

I recently visited this building and was very impresed by the amenities in the building (pool laundry etc) but the apartments seemed a little old.

Does anyone who lives here/has lived here have any opinions/reviews of the building?

Thank you!

I noticed most of the posts about this apartment building are from last year.

I am checking out a unit in this building tomorrow and am wondering if any current tenants have anything new to say about the building? Is the noise level still unreasonable? Is this a safe area to live in?

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