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An update. I've moved out of the place last September. Since then, there have been a few changes.

Before moving out, the building next door was being converted to condos. Since both buildings are attached together, the jackhammer noise from next door resonated through my apartment, making for a very noisy environment. I was already set on moving out before the work started, so the noise didn't bother me for too long.

Just before leaving however, the building was sold to a new company which retained the existing maintenance staff, but not for very long. Now it's staffed by people who apparently don't know their way around the building, and the new owners want to jack up the rents to unreasonable levels, enough to trigger a mini revolt amongst the remaining tenants. The Regie won't intervene in the matter since the building is less than five years old and the rents are left at the discretion of the owners.

I got out of there just in time. I now save over $500 per month living in an older and slightly smaller apartment with an impeccable view and a dead silent but highly efficient heating system (hot water).
I've been living here for almost three years now, but I'll be moving out either at the end of my lease, or before that if I can find someone to take over the place.

The positive:

- Very quiet. It's actually very difficult to hear the neighbours.
- Very helpful and friendly staff.
- Took care of all needed repairs within a reasonable time.
- Monthly hydro not too expensive except for two months in the winter (more later).
- Security for much of the day including weekends.
- Less than a ten minute walk to Place Ville-Marie, Old Montreal, Chinatown, and IGA grocery store at Complexe Desjardins.
- DSL Internet performance is excellent. You're only three blocks away from the Belmont CO.

The average:

- No high ceilings unless you get a two floor model, which is a bit too close to street level. Not a problem for me.
- Gym is not fancy, but serviceable.

The bad:

- EXPENSIVE! I'm now paying $1,400 per month for 750 sqft! I was originally using it both as a home and office, so there was a certain advantage with this approach. But now, I have my own office in a separate building, so I don't need to pay so much for a place where I don't live there that often anymore. Time to cut down on my expenses.
- Because the building is still in its first five years of existence, there's no protection against excessive rent increases until February of 2012 at the earliest.
- Can be drafty. The winter two-month hydro bill is about $300 instead of the normal $100 for the rest of the year. You'll need to lower your thermostat just low enough to start feeding off your neighbour's heat.
- The combination heating/AC units are the noisy kind found in hotel rooms. The AC compressor is especially noisy. A baseboard heating system would have been a better choice if there was enough room to fit them under the windows.
- Garbage pickup at 3 AM. BEDING BEDANG!!! Then again, my last place had plenty of 3 AM noise during snow removal.

One of the neighbourhoods I'm considering is the McGill Ghetto. There seems to be quite a few half-decent buildings in the area.
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