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I also have heard of them asking for rent in advance, but this depends on the case. Like I said earlier, sometimes its young kids renting, and its their parents paying that live out of province. Giving post dated cheques a head of time guarantees they will get the rent and the punks wont just move in and not pay. This has happened before to them.

Unfortunately, I have heard of them re signing year contracts when the person did not want to renew. Just make sure you follow the laws with this, 3 months notice, and send the notice by registered mail, this way they need to sign for it, now you have proof they received the letter.

Hi I actually live here currently. On the 15th floor facing Crescent.

While the noise doesnt bother my boyfriend, and weekdays are better than weekends. I cant stand it. I find it too noisy and most of the time need to play my ipod to drown out the noise. Especially during the summer when theres non stop concerts outside the building.

While the landlords that live in the building are nice, the "bosses" at head office seem to be a pain. Ive been asking since last Oct for a copy of my lease, still dont have it. Its now the end of Feb.

I know a lot of suites have been renovated, mine, is really nice. New hard wood floor, base and crown molding, big balcony, decent size bedroom. The kitchen is very small, but its liveable. I think this suite is about 500-600 sq feet. Its small, great size for one, i little tight for 2. We dont have a dinning room table just so the place feels and looks bigger.

Theres no extra storage, we have a typical front hall closet, another smaller closet with shelves, and a closet in the bedroom thats a good size.

The biggest thing about this place, is most suites are occupied by young adults (teenagers to me) who are going to school and their parents pay for the place. So at times they can get out of control with parties......on weekdays....... that start at midnight..........

Theres parking for additional fee, laundry in basement, oh our one bedroom is $1000 a month. and right now they are offering a free tv with signing a 1 yr lease, must sign before April. I dont know anything about it.

We also signed and got our last month of rent free, so try to negotiate for that.
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