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Nothing is perfect. Villa du 60 is not exactly new construction - it's an old building that burned down a couple of years back and was gutted (I think it was the super who did it, too - by accident, of course).

Also, it faces Ave des Pins in its most unattractive section. Try Google Stretview and see if you like it there. And it's like living a block away from Landwdowne St, to use Boston lingo.

I don't know anything about Le Parc. It's super-close to McGill. But the neighbourhood is mostly old people. And it looks like the apartments there have low ceilings, which I don't like. And I find it ugly, but des goûts et des couleurs on ne discute pas, as they say.

Anyway, best of luck in your search!

P.S. If you get frustrated in your building search, consider moving in to a low-rise with only 1-2 neighbours: you can simply ask when you look at the apartment if anybody in the building smokes. Of course, it's not a bullet-proof method either.

i have a friend in the building. in their defense, i think they changed the management company after the sprinkler incident.

Actually, I kind of like the building you're talking about (it's a 5-story building, though, I think). But my comments from before apply. And I still think $1,250 is a bit much, although it might be a nice place.

I you don't need anything special, just a clean modern building, I would recommend looking at

I am not crazy about it, and it's still expensive, but they have studios from $1,010 (according to the site) and you'd be saving at least $200/mo.

Depends exactly where. If it's on St-Laurent (the new building?), then that particular area is a bit sketchy. Several problems :

1) Housing projects next to the St-Laurent metro station (St-Laurent/Maisonneuve)

2) Homelessness

3) Spill-over shadiness coming from the corner of St-Laurent & St-Catherine. Nothing like the good old times - it's been a while since I've seen any daylight prostitution activity - but it still has that "Times Square in the 80's" feel.

But nothing terrible, really. I would live there. But I am a guy.

If it's the 5-story condo building on De Bleury & Pres. Kennedy, then you're going to have 3 beggars living downstairs. They ask for money from all the cars stopping at the lights. If you can ignore them, it's fine.

Overall, Montreal is safer than Boston, so don't freak out too much about safety. If you can deal with Cambridge / Mass Ave / Central Sq, you can live in Montreal.

Again, $1,250 sounds excessive - unless it's a short-term lease. Look for $900-$1,100 or less. You should be able to get a decent place for that price.
Everything is safe (living on Sherbrooke around there is like living on Fifth Avenue in New York), but the building is expensive and your neighbors are likely to be old. It's an odd building - it has unusually large windows, if you noticed - those correspond to gigantic living rooms.

Unless you don't care about your rent budget, $1,200 sounds high.

Also, I can't belive you chose LaCité if you have health problems - they have carpets! That can't be good for your lungs.

Why don't you look for a small condo building with apts for rent in the $1,000-$1,100 range if you're prepared to pay that. In my experience, better layouts, less crowding on the floor and less smells.
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