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This place on Hutchison street is non-smoking building.
Smoking not allowed. Not even in your own room or balcony.

Dear brisavion,

Thanks a lot for checking out that condo building and the suggestion on the building.

Mosaique Southam got a bad review on this forum in past.
regarding heater and draft of cold air.

I am getting interested in

Le Parc (the manager said "I would be lying to you if I told you we never had complaints of cigarette smell. That said, I would say it is on rare occasion and when it happens, our operations guys do work on correction the smell if it went in your apartment. I know of one such case. If we find people smoking in our common areas they would be warned but I can't remember the last time that happened." and "Of what I know, the tenants were happy with the outcome. The smell was not a consistent smell and within a week the problem was located and dealt with.")

and Villa du 60 (new construction and no carpet)

I am waiting for their openings for July.. I know it will come by April 1st

I am very tempted to live in a temporary place in July-August to look for a more permanent housing for Sept 1.
I do hear that July 1 is when everyone moves....

It's a 6th story building on Ontario Street and Saint Laurent blv, and the contruction was made between 2008/2009

The price was for unfurnished long term. I trust you that it was too expensive. I will keep looking.

Thank you so much!!

I emailed bunch of big residential buildings about their smoking policy. I haven't got the answers I wanted yet. I will wait till late March - early April to see more advertisements.

In any case, I will definitely avoid carpeted apartments. I never lived in one, so I didn't know about its cons.

I am so grateful to you that you understand both Montreal and Boston. That's awesome. I still avoid Central Square at night
Thank you very much!!
I will take your advice, and will look for condos with hardwood floor.

I found a 5th floor condo near Place des Arts or Saint Laurent, (is it a safe area?)

at $1250 including all the utilities and laundry/dryer in the unit, with a balcony. 3 1/2 constructed a few years ago.

Does this sound like a reasonable price?

I can afford it, but I want to make sure that I am over-paying for what it's worth. I live in USA now, so I don't have much sense about Montreal rentals. I am in $500 apartment in USA right now, so I was hoping to get something around $900-1000.

Thank you very much!
This one seems to be non-smoking.
(I don't know if this is non-smoking in this particular apartment only.)

Is this a safe area to live?


I live in Boston, USA now, and I will be starting a new job at McGill in July.
A female in late 20s, and I want to walk between McGill and home safely at night.

I have health issues and I seek a smoke-free environment. As much as possible.

I know that no one can smoke in the corridor, but that is not enough for me. I want to live where my next door neighbors don't smoke in their apartments.

I am looking for 1 1/2 up to 3 1/2 for myself near McGill downtown campus, and I visited some apartment buildings, but they smelled of cigarette smoking on the corridor, and the smell traveled to other apartments as well.

I slept in La Cite for 3 nights, and in the apartment I stayed it, I smelled the smoking from neighbor apartment unit.

Are there buildings where they have separate non-smoking floors or sections? I heard that La Cite used to separate non-smoking floors and smoking floors. Now there is no distinction, and any apartment in La Cite can smell like burned cigarettes every day ... from the neighbors' smoking.

If anyone could give me tips on how to find non-smoking building/floor, I'd greatly appreciate it. I emailed some bunch of big apartment buildings listed on this website, inquiring about smoking policy.

If you know of a big apartment building where they separate non-smoking section, I'd greatly appreciate your letting me know!

Thank you very much!

An interesting article.

Just to clarify, there was no clause about non-smoking in their lease renewal.

The distinction is between rental application form and the lease itself.
If they put a clause in the lease (even if renewal lease), then the clause can enforce.

"But the door is still open for landlords who want to ban smoking by including a clause in their rental lease. No one has challenged a no-smoking lease clause at the Quebec Rental Board."

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