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I filled out an application for an apartment (in person with the super of the building, not online) and left the deposit. I waited three full weeks to hear back from them on the status of the application, only to call them myself and find out I had been denied. I had to make several phone calls to different people before someone got around to giving me an explanation.

Apparently they have extremely high standards for the credit search they run. I had one late student loan payment this year and that was enough for them to reject me for a $675/month apartment, even though I am employed full time and can well afford the apartment.

The woman I spoke to refused to acknowledge that maybe someone should have informed me that my application was rejected, and in fact was very rude about the entire thing. I was surprised and disappointed because they were going to allow me to go on waiting and waiting for how long? ... While $300 of my own money sat waiting for me in the super's apartment. She just dismissed me and said "Well whatever, I figured someone else did it." They rented the apartment in the meantime without ever giving me the courtesy of any notification.

The whole thing was very unprofessional and incredibly disrespectful.

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