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what? I just moved in, care of a shady fast talking twitchy real-estate agent. Unbeknownced to me, half the building was condemned for water damage, mould etc. facilities like the gym, lobby, very slowly slowly in repair, I have no idea how it got flooded, starting from the 4th floor i believe in phase 2, residents are slowly moving back in, most of them for rent, i see a lot of realestate agents zipping people quicky through an unfinished rotten lobby and distracting them from some scattered managerial postings of the progress and state of the buiiding. Which areas are considered as livable and not. Nevertheless, it is very well located, but again like everyother mickey mouse project in montreal, still construction and repairs everyday, from 7am -3pm. OH. and one more thing, if u are allergic to dogs or just dont really like the smell of wet dog, dont move here. There are more dogs than actual humans living here, not sure why. But elevators are horribly stinky, blend of urine and wet dog. Maybe its just me, and i have to learn to expect less for what i pay for??? OH and very odd security guards btw. bad lobby design also, u dont see person sitting at front desk until u are right upon them, due to a structure pilon.
STAY far away. I dont trust anyone that i have met or spoken to on the phone from this disastrous project. First of all, when did simple granit counters, cheap cheap fixtures, door knobs, sinks, home depot bath, flooring, canadian tire lighting fixtures/cabinets ever become ultra luxurious???? nevermind the nasty carpeted rooms. THe prices are never the same, simple questions are returned by complex distracting answers. adds are completely false, stating price reductions when they are up from the year b4, ex. 1br, apt1607 was 1075, /m in 2008. now in 2009 1250/m reduced from whatever other price they made up. BUt now u get plumbing problems, a virtually empty building with angry tennants, shady management, heat and hydro no longer included, no roof top access/gym/pool. downgrade from stainless steel apl. to white. All inclusive. Just have a look at craigslist to see how many lease breaks, or transfers are available.
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