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I had a friend who had a studio apartment at Chateau Crescent, and it's true what everyone else has said about the area. This is where drunk youth congregate, so if you're bothered by a once-in-awhile automobilist that has their subwoofer cranked to 10 (on the compensation meter), try standing barrages of the sort night after night each season.
I live near St Laurent and I get annoyed with the fire trucks, ambulances, police and occasional 'music enthusiasts', but I won't forget the exaggerated tolerance you need to live there on Crescent. Especially since the walls aren't the best insulated, not only do you hear the outside but you hear your neighbors as well.
The name and site are fishy.
There's nothing federal about this, it's a private company. A private company that masquerades as a public one and decorates a cheap web layout with tormenting jargon like 'we have cultivated a reputation'.

But as long as you have a lease, you've got little to worry about--well, other than what all tenants have to worry about. This may just be a very badly played out marketing idea from a decent organization.

elatas wrote:
Check with La régie du logement du Québec. A friend told me that legally a landlord cannot forbid you to have a dog. You may be better not saying anything but then, relations with the landlord may be more difficult if you start on that basis. 

My own landlord is having a dispute on that basis, he has a toy dog his landlord elsewhere says he can't have and he's contesting it. However it's been part of a legal saga that's been going on for a few months now.

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