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Well Robotrock,

Frankly you're reply has very little credibility. You sound more like someone from their office trying to make sure they get a good rap then someone actually living in the building.

If you knew anything about the montreal market, y ou would know that for a the same prices as what you are geting at chateau crescent , you can get an all utilities included apartment of at least 800 sq ft. 1000 $ for 500$ is a rip off .

Then about the three months... what i was saying is that they are not allowed to ask you in advance to pay 3 months of your rent before renting. Which is what they are asking. NO ONE is talking about breaking a lease and being stuck anywhere. But thanks for the FYI. You should run seminars on your intimate knowledge of Quebec law.

Either way, i'm glad for you that you like this building. But for any sane people out there, make sure you look on de la montagne , dr.penfield, drummond and stanley areas before even thinking of coming here. MAN... you can't even open the window at night !

Good luck !
DON"T DO IT ! I moved here from TORONTO last year. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE. The appartments are too small for what you can get in montreal. The profile is incorrect, rent starts at 980 and goes upt o 1500 $ . They try to lure young people from out of quebec to rent because we don't know the law very well. They try to ask for 3 months ahead of time too which is against the law here. In fact, they have even tried to renew leases for some of the tenants without warning. In quebec, once it automatically renews, you are legally liable to pay for the whole lease. So they get people to stay that way. I've never been in a building with soo many people changing over. Tenants don't stay long because you realize really quickly that you're over paying and getting nothing in return.

They no longer have a doorman. Security is really bad. The fire alarm goes off at all hours of the night. The super and his wife are horrible people. They get the job done but on their own time and they get into everybodies business and create problems for tenants in the building.

The head office is totally absent. Don't even try to make a complaint to them. And if you try , they only respond when it suits their needs. HONESTLY, this is the worst experience of my life. When my lease is up i'm out of here.

There are a ton of places that are almost double the size in the same neighbourhood for the same price.

IF YOU ARE THINKING OF RENTING HERE=== DON'T !!!!! There is way better out there.
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