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I also may be interested please forward address, price and pics plus any other info to
Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this...
I have just moved to Montreal and am looking for an apartment for myself. I have emailed several people with interest in their places and one just doesn't seem right. This is the email I received back...

Thanks for the mail.the House is still available for rent, The House was completely renovated easy access to Public Transportation. The Bedroom House is equipped with everything you can need for your stay: fully equipped kitchen, Refrigerator, Microwave, Gas Range, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Hood Over Range, Granite Counter,living room with Cable/Satellite TV,High Speed Internet Access Available,washing machine.. bedrooms, bath. and large living room with appliances including in-suite washer and dryer, Electric heating, Wall Furnaces .

Baths: Bathrooms 1 full, 0 partial Bedrooms: 1

Address: (address)

Sq Footage 574

Terms and conditions:

Monthly rental last price: $500 utilities included

Security deposit:$400

min rental: 1 month

maximum rental: 6 year+ or more.

Furthermore,I was the one staying in the House before i take my Transfer last week a duty transfer to Republic of Nigeria.,and the House had been there without anybody living in it,so I now need somebody to help me take care of the flat while I am away.we look for a reputable agent that will take a very good care of the House while we are away but could not found any so we left with the House keys and document when leaving. If you will be the right tenant to our House , we will get the keys and documents of the House sent to you via courier services as soon as all terms are settled. I will be online through out to get back to you as soon as you are able to get back to me. I would want to know how soon you would want to move in as I will be taking a 1 month upfront payment plus security deposit for the House including all the utilities there. I am asking for $500 and I believe we should be able to help ourselves. I am accepting $500 because I want you to take a very good care of the House while I am away. I am looking forward to hear from you ASAP get back to us with this application form fill it out so that we can discuss on how to get the House for rent over to me so that I can get the keys and papers sent to you via fedex or ups e.t.c, also are you ready to rent it now or when? Await your reply

Please Fill The Rent/Lease Applications Properly And Leave a Comment Below.


How Many Of you are going to Live in The House ?

Your Names?

How old is each Person?

Where do you Work?

What's Your Work address?

How Much is your Monthly Income?

Do You Have a Car?

Do you Have Pets?

Your Previous Address?

You Current House Address?

Your Cellphone Number?

Your House Phone Number?

Your Work Phone Number?

What Time is the Best time to Reach you?

Your move in date?


Applicant Comment.


Please make sure this questions are fill correctly because the best way you answer with your comment will impress me the more to accept your applications. You can call us @ (phone number).

(Their name)

Best Wishes

Remain Blessed

I have removed some details to allow the sender their privacy, I know this is a lot to read so I appreciate anyone who has stayed with it and any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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