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I am in the port Lincoln. It is not the best apt ever, but as a student it is really great.

they are unfurnished, BUT with students moving in and out constantly, you can pick up other people's stuff when they move out (always a notice up that someone is selling their furniture -beds, tables, kitchen stuff) and you just get it for really cheap and sell it again when you go.

the rent is really good, the studios are $605 heated & hot water, all you pay is lights, and that is cheap. often people share their wireless internet, you put up a note and split the bill in exchange for the password.

I don't even use the internet at home, this place is a block from Concordia Library and they are open days, evenings and weekends. (exam time they go 24hr). They have lots of computers, even laptops that you can use and printers too. (easier to work at library where there are fewer distractions anyway

Oh! some of the apts are renovated, so a little more a month (new kitchen, new bathroom) but the old ones are fine... this is just during school anyway, so who cares if the tiles are white or beige? try to get one with a good view, that makes a difference in a small apt. HUGE windows, which makes it feel much bigger.

Have fun! (but study hard too! you'll party your whole life if you work when you are in school, or work hard your whole life if you party while in school!)

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