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Police Reassure McGill Ghetto Residents
Posted 14/Apr/2008 13:10:00 by Slavito

Montreal police have responded to statements posted in a Facebook group that claimed a sexual predator was active in the McGill Ghetto. This is simply not true, the police said...

Continue reading: » Police Reassures McGill Ghetto Residents

Interesting question.

Purely on a personal level, I agree with you - it sounds like a clever bill padding technique masquerading as a policy aiming for the protection of culture, but you raised a very good point, namely: shouldn't Videotron disclose such things in advance, right in its brochures?

I couldn't find this rule anywhere on the ordering pages (although some other rules give there were very specific). However, I did find the following in their general Terms & Conditions:

1. Videotron reserves the right, as a condition for
providing the cable broadcasting Service, to compel the
Customer to subscribe and keep a minimum number of
channels, the content and thematic grouping of which may
from time to time be established by Videotron based on
regulatory requirements and Videotron policies.

It seems that what you heard on the phone was a "policy" rather than legislative requirement, but I could be wrong. Whether they're doing is legal, I can not tell you (I am not a lawyer), but it seems that they are doing it in accordance with their own vaguely-worded policy, so technically speaking, this could be ok.
The site doesn't belong to me personally, but I provide much of its contents.
I don't get the impression they are done yet. I'll try to walk by in the next week, but last time I was on that street (St-Alexandre), the building still looked unfinished.

I think graffiti is only one of their problems. A bigger question is - ARE THEY EVER GOING TO FINISH IT? I am not sure how long it's been, but it feels like years...

Either the sales aren't going well or they've run out of money while converting the building... Either way, I think the absence of progress is very suspicious.
Since we're talking about visits and friends' impressions, I'll tell you what I saw at The Montfort

A friend of mine used to live there in a small $650/m studio. While the building is reasonably well-managed (according to him), I find the combination of small size, low ceilings, bad light (in the case of his apartment, I realize other apartments facing the street are better) to be pretty depressing.

Among other nuisances: regular false fire alarms (a creepy voice announcing it right inside your apartment - can be quite scary if you forget you have a loudspeaker installed there...) and problems with heat control in the winter (he claims to have slept in balmy 30C on some nights).

I also knew another person who lived in The Montfort. Given his low budget, he was very happy with his apartment (I haven't seen that one) and said it compared favorably to other Concordia-area buildings. At other buildings, he said, there's a constant problem with ethnic food smells (something I heard from many Canadians living in low-end rentals). The Montfort, he said, is relatively smell-free. Take it for what it's worth...
Thank you very much for your report. Anything interesting about the apartments you saw, besides the ceiling height?
Are you thinking of Patisserie Belge next to Chez Gautier?
Only 10 condos? I am not surprised they're sold (if they really are). Is there any reason why you want to live specifically in that building? (I am asking because I think there are comparable loft buildings just a few blocks away, not directly on McGill, but on the Old Montreal side)..
Well, yeah, the whole orange theme is probably only going to work once Phase II and III are there, too. I agree that orange with the construction site as the foreground is a little rough.

However, as I pointed out, my biggest problem with the building is actually on rue Prince. Imagine sleeping next to one of those blue lights on your window - isn't it really annoying? Never mind how it looks from the OUTSIDE, what about the INSIDE???
M9-I Update: Residents Moving In
Posted 12/Jul/2007 13:00:00 by Slavito

Late June was the delivery date for M9 condos (phase I) and it seems that the developers... well, delivered.

A woman who wants to smoke in her Montreal apartment despite her landlords' objections has won her fight to light up.

The rental board said an application form is not a binding document and tenants can't be held to its specifications.


Now that the restaurant is definitely closed, the battle has moved to the architectural front: some people were protesting yesterday against the demolition of the building.

Preserving slice of Montreal life

Civic heritage supporters, art deco lovers protest against demolition of Ben's
IRWIN BLOCK, The Gazette
Published: Friday, June 15, 2007
A passionate post on MTL city weblog:

I generally agree with the opinion expressed there and share the concerns (certainly I won't be looking forward to seeing a giant BestBuy on St-Catherine), but here's what irked me:

All the small businesses shown above will be erased when the Spectrum is razed. Instead we'll have a featureless glass wall. Is this meant to be beneficial and to attract people to the area? 

There's a photo supplied with the post to make us all feel sorry for the business. I've got to say it straight out loud: this is the most fucking disgusting block in downtown Montreal and those businesses should be razed to the ground no matter what.

A ridiculous porn store, a couple of no-name restaurants, an empty parking lot and a diner on the corner that hasn't gotten around to replace windows that cracked YEARS ago (instead putting a duct tape of on top of the cracks) elicit absolutely no nostalgia in me. It's fucking ugly and I won't miss any of that. Status quo is NOT a good option.

What do you guys think?

P.S. The corner in question is St-Catherine & De Bleury
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