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hey, drove by it a few days ago. it looked like they're doing work on it now.
Looking into moving into the Les Etoile on Saint-François-Xavier. Anyone have any recommendation or concerns like how is the management?
Lived here for about a year.

Not bad place to live in. Quiet and comfy.

The only problem is that the hot water runs out too quickly (its like a 40gal tank per unit) and the heater doesn't work in winter. I've heard complaints about heating bills because the heaters are on all the time. The windows let in a lot of cold air and I can feel a draft at all the window seams. We have thermal wrap on the windows and covered the seams with tape and towels to keep as much heat as possible into the apartment.

Recommend 1745 Cedar Avenue which is right across the street from the General.

The landlady, Christina, is nice and our 3.5 was about 900$/month.
I loved living there.
Some people in the apartment may not agree but it was quiet and great for walking the dog cause the park is right behind you.

Did anyone mention about how many dogs are there? They are very dog friendly and we only had one problem dog (not sure what the story was but the owners just let the damn thing bark all day long. Was probably abused or something )

Its a great location and very safe.

It was filled with mostly retirees or soon to be retirees and they naturally didn't like the younger crowd moving in. Everyone is friendly if you spend some time talking to them, even with the doormen.
If you hear the name Mala, put the phone down and run the other way.

Renos were not finished when we got there and didn't refund us for the month.

Was very hard to deal with and she complained about everything. Front door was broken so a hole was punched through so people can unlock it to get in. I remember at one point, we had to get in through the connected apartment's door. All her apartment complexes are the worst places possible to live in.

Do not do business with her. We did not stay there for even the full year before moving out.
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