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Hi Almo84,

I posted here last year but I'm still living in the building. My girlfriend and I are moving out next June though.

To answer your questions, I'd say the building and area is a safe one, but the noise is a problem for us, but it's really your decision. It comes down to what you like....

If you don't mind loud sirens, drunk kids screaming out on the street and having teenage neighbours who don't give a shit about you and blare loud music at all hours of the night (seriously, the building is full of these kids), then you'll love this place and the proximity to everything.

If you're a young professional looking for a quiet place downtown then this is definitely NOT your place.

I find the place pretty small for the price as well, but I guess that's what you get for living downtown.

Hope this helps.

I have to disagree. I've been living here for a while now and have not had any complaints. In fact, I have had several instances when things needed to get fixed and the superintendant and his wife were happy to oblige and got it fixed the very next day. I wouldn't go as far as saying "they do it on their own time". However, I would like to hear examples of them getting into everybodies business, if you don't mind...

It seems to me that your problem is that you did not get properly informed about the leasing laws in Quebec before you signed the lease, and now that you are "stuck", you are venting on this forum. You think they are taking advange of you, but in reality everyone that rents in Qc is well aware that you must give 3 months notice before the lease is over if you wish to leave, otherwise they assume you are staying and your lease is renewed. Nothing new here.

Sure, the apartments aren't THAT BIG and the rent is high, but seriously, look at everything around you. If you like the nightlife and being in the middle of it all, you can't get much better than Crescent St. Remember that you're paying for convenience more than anything else.
I've decided to give this place a try. My parents visited this place on my behalf and said that of all the placed I sent them to, this was by far the best of the bunch in terms of bang for the buck. Although noise is a concern, the superintendent (super nice lady) said that it's nothing she couldn't get used to (she lives on 6th floor). I will be on the 15th floor, so hopefully noise levels will be even lower, that is if it's even bad to begin with.

Factors that led me to this place:
-hardwood floors
-heat/hw included
-new windows in the front, balcony in good shape
-they allow small dogs!
-last month is free provided I pay each month on time (some people may think its a gimmick, but an extra grand in my pocket is very welcome).
-walking distance to my work and close to lots of attractions

That's good to hear, thanks Mimo. Yes, noise level is a bit of a concern of mine too... I suspect it might not be that bad if the building is concrete. But, the noise might just be a small price to pay to be in the middle of all the action.
I will be relocating to Montreal in a few months and this place caught my eye, mostly because its in my price range ($950-$1050/month) and seems newly renovated. It also allows for small dogs...

Has anyone ever been inside this place? Any comments good or bad? Is the street noise level reasonable, seeing this is on Crescent street?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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