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Hey thanks for the reply!

I am planning a trip to Montreal to see a few places, and I'm coming up with a list of five or six that I can see since I'll only be there for a day or two.

I've been doing more research and I've heard that the guys that manage this place (Transglobe) had some serious problems in Toronto. Basically the place turned into an unsanitary dump after they took over. Now perhaps it's just because of the specific owners there, but I fear it may be a Transglobe norm.

In any case this is one of the places I am going to see. Basically I need a good 1-bedroom within walking distance to McGill, but now I am starting to consider places further away for a bit more selection.

I'm also considering La Tour Penfield on 1530 Dr Penfield...the bonus is that it's super close to the building I'll be working in.

There's another place on 2505 Sherbrooke E but it's only available in June. The rent is super-low though ( so maybe I can wait an extra month.
Hey guys

I am currently looking for an apartment. I want a quiet place near McGill. I've been doing some searching and found the TransGlobe place on 2125 Rue Saint-Marc.

Has anyone heard of this place? I don't want to move into a bad place since I'm coming from Ottawa, Ontario 2hrs away.
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