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Me and my boyfriend have decided to move in together, and therefor started apartment hunting, and we had called her to check out her (either) 2080 lincoln adress or her 1832 Lincoln adress. We had made the apointment 3 days ago, and I called her 5 minutes before we arrived to make sure the appointment was stilll on. Everything was good to go.

When we arrived there, she proceeds to say that the tenant JUST left for 2 weeks and therefor she can not show me the apartment anymore, and conveniently the 2080 place is NOW full even though when I was on the phone with her she gave me the number of one of the tenants to check the apartment.

It seems important in THIS case that I should mention that I am white Canadian, and my boyfriend is Black African, and we strongly believe this played a role in it.

I should also mention that the 1832 adress is gross as anything, and we have definatly benefitted from her racism, because I could have gotten raped in that dirt trap that she was charging $1050 for.

When we got home I called her back to complain and she continuously hung up on me, and then had her miniuns pick up the phone and say she was conveniently not there anymore. I may just keep calling to bug the hell out of that old hag (among other things).

Warning to all apartment hunters in the down town not waste your time and energy on these people, there apartments are dirt and obviously that have issues with people.

I am glad to hear I wasn't the only one to have difficulties with her, but too bad people lost sleep and Money over it.

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