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Yes, I think they are. And I guess that's also what I should be looking for as I'm going to stay 5 months only. So I need a furnished place for a short-term.

I've never been to Montreal so I'm not sure what I have to expect. Is it a good idea to hunt for an apartment after my arrival or should I do that in advance as soon as possible?

I'd be grateful for suggestions.
Hello everybody,
I'm going to spend a semester abroad at Concordia University and so I'm looking for a clean and comfortable place to stay (pref. a furnished studio/apartment) in the downtown area.

I've come across these places:

Place Lincoln
Studios Montreal

They're both around 800$/month (which is also almost the limit) and now, I'm not sure if I really should choose one of them as there are no ratings available online.

Does anyone here know these places and/or has heard anything about it (negative/positive)? I'd appreciate it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes from Germany


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