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The neighbours are okay - it does seem sort of transitory.

I think some of the people are either super rich families, temporary business people, and a lot of young couples.

It is not the friendliest building, and sometimes I found the landlord a bit invasive & phony.

I can't really describe the vibe there accurately - it sort of just felt like everybody, including the landlord, was trying really hard to prove something.

And I think some of the other staff was treated like shit. I wouldn't recommend for people to live there for a long period of time.

The best part was the roof top terrace - I thought it would be relaxing, but whenever I went there, there were either young kids having parties, or business men walking around the deck talking on their cell phones very loudly!
I used to live here - it is a good location, but very overpriced - and the layouts are crap.

(I was paying $1,200 for a 600 sqft bachelor when I first moved to Montreal).

And the quality of the stuff looks good - but it is not (i.e. floors can't sustain normal living, low water pressure, poor heat flow).
If anyone has any suggestions on a nice apartment, close to subway line (in my dreams near downtown or atwater market), with a pool, gym, and parking for under $1,200, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you if anyone comments!
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