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I just tried to subscribe to Videotron's digital cable system with a custom package and had a long conversation with the customer service rep about what can and can not be done.

Basically, I tried to order

* Basic service ($13.99) which includes a mix of English and French
* Hispano package ($14.99) because I am studying Spanish and I'd like to watch news in that language.

Simple enough, right? I was told flat out that I could NOT do that. Why? Because if one orders anything beyond the basic service, over 50% of those "additional" channels must be in French and from Quebec.

So, my only option would be to match the 11 channels from the Hispano package with at least 11 French-language Quebecois channels, and those already in the basic package do NOT count. Eventually they forced a "Franco-package" for $20 down my throat which I was less than excited about.

I looked for "fine print" like that all over the Videotron site and couldn't find anything AT ALL. Nevertheless, the customer service rep was adamant that it's illegal to have more international channels than Quebecois channels.

Frankly, I am pissed because I just spent $100 on this stupid box and now they're extorting more money from me for channels I will never ever watch? WTF????? Have you heard of such a thing?
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