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Recently received an email from a (Latin American) friend who used to live @ Le Tadoussac. I basically asked the person what their impressions were and whether they'd recommend it.

I am pasting the response in Spanish - too lazy to translate in English or French - I hope the gist is clear... Les langues latines, after all..

Vivir en el edificio Tadoussac tiene definitivamente sus ventajas como:
La piscina techada, el sauna y la terraza (perfecta para tomar el sol en
verano); por supuesto también es muy cómodo tener la pequeña tienda en
el lobby del edificio, ya que puedes bajar a comprar cualquier cosa que
te haga falta en pantuflas y sin preocuparte por el frío. Es un edificio
bastante tranquilo (con esto me refiero a que la mayoría de las personas
que viven en él, son de edad avanzada)lo cual puede ser una ventaja o
una desventaja según el estilo de vida que se este buscando. No están
permitidas las mascotas, pero muchas de las personas tienen perros, por
lo que supongo que es un derecho que se adquiere con el tiempo de vivir
en el edificio. La parada del autobus está en la esquina y el metro se
encuentra a menos de 10 minutos caminando. Por otro lado, el edificio
hace esquina con St. Laurent, por lo que tienes muy cerca todas las
tiendas y restaurantes.

La única desventaja desde mi punto de vista es el tamaño de los
departamentos, ya que por un 1 1/2 se paga lo mismo que por un 3 1/2 en
un edificio más pequeño.

Creo que Le Tadoussac es una buena opción para las personas que acaban
de mudarse a Montreal (solas o en pareja) o para los estudiantes, ya que
todos los servicios están incluidos en la renta, los departamentos
tienen estufa y refrigerador y su ubicación es muy céntrica.
Visited to look at studios. Not a bad building, everything is new. I find the ceilings a bit low (8.5' which is of course better than Shaughnessy Village standard of 8', but still...).

Prices from $1,050 to $1,350 for the apartments I looked at. Probably a good deal, but I decided against it.

In general, though, the building is well worth a look, especially compared to things I saw (at nearly identical prices) around Concordia. Ça, c'était tout simplement affreux.
I've checked out a $975 1BR apartment in Place Dorchester. To be absolutely honest, I was shocked to see what kind of crap the management has the balls to ask $975 for. Ceilings are low, the quality of all appliances is sub-standard and as far as I am concerned, this apartment should have been priced at around $600.

Okay, may be the apartment is not THAT small (it was a real 1BR, after all), but c'mon - the building itself is a low-end dorm-type high rise. They have no right to ask for rents that are more befitting to luxury buildings. Perpetual renovations, long waits for elevators (only 2 which is not nearly enough) complete the grim picture.

You can do SO MUCH better in this town!
I recently visited the building to check out an apartment. The apartment available ($750, 1BR) was very small. The bedroom is just big enough for a bed and the living room - barely big enough for a couch and a TV. Not sure if it'd be possible to fit a dining table there (probably not!). The apartment was also quite dark - the windows facing the court yard are quite small. If you live in this building you'll be better off with an apartment facing the street - at least you get some light.

Everything is old, including kitchen fixtures, bathroom stuff, etc. This could be charming if you're into old apartments, but frankly there seems to be more problems than benefits.

The only benefit (for me, at least) were the mouldings and high ceilings. But, like I said, that wasn't enough for me.
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