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I remember talking to Crimsonsky about a curious phenomenon in Canadian cities - namely, the mushrooming "mini-Chinatowns" that spring up all over, in areas not previously thought of as having anything to do with Asia.

Apparently, the same thing was happening to Downtown West - namely, the area between Guy and Atwater.

Frankly, I think calling it "Chinatown West" is going a tad to far: I've visited dozens if not hundreds of time and the fact that it's a new "Chinatown" somehow escaped me. Yes, there are some Asian eateries and caf├ęs, but they are quite far from forming a majority.

Nevertheless, this article makes for an interesting read:

P.S. Blogarazzi - since you LIVE in this new "Chinatown", I'd be particularly interested in hearing your opinion...

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I am not sure this is only a Canadian phenomenon.When I was in NYC I noticed that soon Little Italy will get gobbled by the classic little chinese stores.Kind of the survival of the fittest thing.
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