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I recently read a good post @ Coolopolis, which despite being a little "out there" (see below), made some good points:

By building into the clouds, Montreal would grab headlines and an exciting vibe in the same way that Dubai has been getting relentless world attention for its imaginative architecture. We could stem suburban sprawl by forcing the local epicenter back into the downtown area and also by incorporating condos into the tower. Building high rather than wide - as Le Corbusier pointed out - allows the greening of the city, as less land is required. Giant parks could be created near the base of the building where shorter buildings would otherwise sit.  

The gist of the rest of this post is that Montreal needs to do something brave architecturally to become, once again, a city to reckon with.

The proposal is a bit outlandish, though:

So for around twice the price of the $800 million metro to Laval, our governments could build the world's tallest building, which would actually make money for the gov't....

Coolopolis proposes a building, such as the world has never seen: a horizontal skyscraper. It would be the next wonder of the world. Such a structure would contain a combination of submerged and above-water housing & offices & stores and a tunnel where trains and car traffic would run through to the South Shore. 

Would be interested in getting your feedback on ideas like these...

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What do they mean by a horizontal skyscraper? The term is a little unclear to me...I think a single tall building that would be many times the size of anything around it would look silly. That and would Montreal's bedrock be able to support such an edifice without it sinking or falling down? Would vaster numbers of tourists come to Montreal just to look at a big building?

That said, I am all for supporting innovative design to spruce up the city, and building up does have its advantages with less space taken up, and though Montreal is a fairly nice looking city, there are a few run down areas I wouldn't mind seeing gentrified...I say go for it!

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