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Joined: May 09 2013 18:35
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This is simply a terrible building with a complete lack of management and communication (your first clue should be the abundance of available units, what is it these days... 27 or so). We have endured over a year and a half of renovations with zero advance notice and zero notification about anything especially when construction runs ridiculously longer than ever mentioned in building communications (on the rare chance that they decided to let the residents know in the first place)

They will tell you there is a pool -> it has been open for a total of one month in the past 3 years

They will tell you there is air conditioning -> this simply isn't true and the building manager will admit herself that it doesn't work and suggest that you buy a window AC unit (which ironically is prohibited by the rental agreement)

They will tell you there is a doorman -> someone who sits at a desk all day, rarely opens the door and couldn't defend themselves against a chihuahua is not a doorman and certainly offers zero security. Furthermore many of them appear to be involved in questionable activity - but hey, Montreal is the capital of corruption these days no?

My list of grievances could go on and on...

Anybody thinking of moving here should have a chat with any of the current residents while riding in the elevator (the lone elevator...they'll tell you there is two, but again not the truth), I'm sure nobody will shy away from telling you you would be better off in any other building in the area that probably charges less and gives you many fewer headaches.

If you don't believe me, go ahead and sign a 1 year lease and join the rest of us poor suckers... If you do, make sure to join the renters association (not well advertised) because you'll be amazed at the amount you will save in rent!!!

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I totally agree with the previous Poster.
The management is bad and uncooperative, the apartment smells of mildew and smells from other apartments get carried into my apartment.
The windows are old and do not keep construction noise out when closed.
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