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After living at 2150 Mackay (highrise on downtown Concordia campus) for a few years, I am glad to have gotten out of there. The people working for the building are really unreliable (and unpleasant to deal with). The company (Federal Real Estate) advertises itself as having 24 hour staff. This isn't true because although the concierge lives in the building, he is hard to get a hold of. Either he doesn't answer his phone, or when you do finally get to ask him to fix or solve a problem, he gives you attitude (he is very rude), or he tries to avoid doing his job by telling you: "Tomorrow, tomorrow".... as if a serious problem can wait (like encountering a crack addict in the basement when I went to go get my laundry late at night). But tomorrow never comes.... months can go by of regularly asking him (and the other staff member whom you are supposed to go to for help). After months of nagging the concierge to do his job, he finally does it - 1/2 ass or only 1/2 way done. He is always in a bad mood & seems to hate his job. This is evident by avoiding DOING what he is apparently paid to do as a live-in concierge and giving you attitude if he is politely asked to help with something. What's more, when he comes into my apartment to do some work, he leaves muddy footprints all over the floors and dirty hand prints on the wall. NO respect for his tenants clearly. Especially with his rudeness & unreliability.

By the way, I had cockroaches and so did a lot of tenants. It was an ongoing problem. And in the winter, homeless crack addicts use the building to spend the night smoking crack. This past winter they came every night for months. So we pay good rent to share our building with crack addicts?? Have the building owners and management have any pride in their business??? Nobody working for the building seemed to care, even when they were regularly informed of the issue. So much for the "24 hour staff" and "security" promised on the company's ads (talk about FALSE advertising). Tenants were sooooo pissed. No wonder not many of us stick around.
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