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I would appreciate any help on this:
I am from Edmonton, Alberta and not familiar with rentals laws in Quebec apart from the following facts:
1. Rental apartments have a lease of one year starting May 1st of every year,
2. The lease is automatically renewed unless written noticed is sent out 3 months ahead, it`s best to send it via registered mail as there have been horror stories on how some tenants got locked into another year rent.

I am looking for a place for my daughter near McGill where she is currently living in residence.

My question:
If she decides to share with 2 other students, will they each be responsible for their own lease or are they all responsible for each other`s payments.
In other words if one of them defaults on the payments or decides to leave despite the lease, will the other 2 be held responsible for the rent.

I searched the site of the Regie du Quebec and it states`the following:
one of the joint tenants may decide to leave the dwelling at the end of the lease ; the remaining tenant will then have to assume full responsibility for the lease if he wishes to remain, namely, the payment of the rent.[i][b]

I have also read on this forum that one can decide not to renew the lease as long as written notice, preferably sent via registered mail, is sent to the landlord 3 months before the end of the lease. Is this true.

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