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Where I live now has a not-so-nice admin board. Just yesterday, I received another notice that made me speechless . Let me quote a couple of lines from this letter from the "board of directors":

"Dear co-owner,

It is with deep regret that your board of directors is sending you this letter about the possibility that the board of directors may resign due to bad behavior and constant not listening to building rules by many co-owners and renters.
... some residents in the building have insulted, harassed, and degraded the members of the board of directors. Many co-owners are not respecting the property. Many co-owners are not respecting the rules... this kind of behavior cannot continue. Your board of directors are not paid and are not slaves.
...having a full time manager...will result in an increase in the condo fees by almost 44% for each co-owner.

Please respect the following rules:"

(Here's the part I find outrageous)

"... Do not insult the administrators or talk about them behind their back.
...If you think you are a better admin, please don't complain and offer no solutions. You are welcome to join the board of directors.
...Listen to the instructions from your board members.
...Control your visitors.
...Do not play loud music in the gym.
...Do not use the visitor parking - it is only reserved for occasional visitors. Live-in boyfriend or girlfriend or live-in family are not allowed to park in the visitor spaces.
...Do not hang your clothes for drying on the balcony.
...Do not open the garage door to walk outside - use the pedestrian door.
...Do not let your friends wash their cars in the garage.
...Do let cooking odors fill up the corridors....

...Stop washing your car every day - it is a waste of water..."

I find some of these rules are really objectionable, and makes every co-owners' life miserable. First and foremost, the "admin" doesn't want people to talk about them behind their back. That's plain stupid. We're in Canada, and there is such thing called the freedom of speech. Every government and public administration is subject to criticism.

We were also given a form to fill out some personal information, which has to be returned within the next 30 days. A late return will cost me $50 a day. I wonder does our condo "syndicat des copropriétaires" have such authority to charge me? Is it legally binding? There is a reference to the Notarized Home Owner Act. I am not exactly sure if this is referring to the booklet that was given to me when I signed the paper at the notary when I purchased my apartment a bit more than a year ago. At that time, the notary didn't go into the detail of this booklet. I was told only to keep it and save it for the next owner when I sell my home again.

So, this booklet named "Déclaration de copropriété" has a section "Clauses Pénales" that flashed a dollar sign:

"Le premier avis d'infraction transmis par les administrateurs pendant la période de référence ne donne lieu à aucune amende. Le second avis d'infraction pendant la période de référence, et ce, que soit pour la même infraction ou pour une autre infraction, donne lieu à une amende de 50,00$. Tout avis d'infraction additionnel pendant la période de référence donne lieu à une amende graduellement augmentée de 25,00$ pour chaque nouvel avis...."

It's a big book with 92 pages of rules.

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