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Joined: Jun 22 2010 16:04
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I'm still wondering if this building (3440 Durocher) is STILL infested with bed bugs and roaches... I lived in this building temporarily in the late 90's. I walked by it the other day and it looks like it has been given a bit of a facelift... I would have warned people about this place but my curiousity has been piqued and now I'm thinking if this would be a good place for my teenager, the McGill student, to move into... can anyone tell me if this building has been finally cleaned???

Joined: Dec 11 2010 15:55
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Yes-it is very, very clean actually. I have lived in 6 apartment buildings ranging from one on Peel, one on Crescent Street and a few in the McGill Ghetto. So far, this building has the best management. If there is any problem they fix it right away and the place is spotless. Better than all the others and way cheaper rent![b]

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