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Joined: Jun 11 2010 10:05
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I am planning to rent an apartment from La Cite. But I am a little bit worried about the security. Does anyone happen to know if La Cite has guards around the buildings?

Comparatively, La Cite seems a bit more expensive than the houses nearby. Is it OK for me to know the reasons why?

Joined: Aug 10 2009 18:41
Messages: 6

Dear La Cite Prospect - I have lived in La Cite and would love to inform you about any questions you may have. I have been there for two years and the security is pretty good there in their buildings.
Actually, of all the staff there, the security are the ones that seem to do relatively better jobs.

But I left after a few years ago because of their other negative problems and because it really was not worth the price - even for downtown Montreal...

Joined: Nov 30 2011 21:55
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Dear LeChatelainTenant,

Would you be specific about the problems you found at La Cite? I'm planning to move in there and start worrying about the place.

Thank you for your input.

Joined: Jan 16 2011 21:58
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I also lived in La Cité (for a year) and found it a bit expensive for the quality. I was there a few years back - some things may have changed, although visited a friend last year and it seemed to be the same as I remember it.

My main gripes are, basically, 2:

1) Carpeted floors on top of concrete. This is just not good for your health. I've heard they'd finally started to change them, but I haven't seen any apartments with hardwood floors.

2) Low ceilings, with a particularly ugly wall/ceiling plastering. In general, everything looks like a cheap motel, especially in furnished units where all furnishings are of the appropriate style. It's ok for a short-term stay, but it does not feel like a place you can call home.

And then they charge too much. For this price you can get yourself a really nice place just a few blocks east.
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