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You know that something is fishy when you have tried to explain how much you want to a NON-Renewal multiple times and you the "experienced" building manager is still confused.

Here are my attempts to leave that horrible building:

1st attempt: I hand delivered a typed up a letter to the office on time with my next month's rent check. The letter clearly said how I wish to not renew my lease with Le Chatelain. Of course the check will be cashed and they want to still make me stuck with the building with lack of hot water and lack of proper working elevators......

2nd attempt: I sent a confirmation email and right awya got this back: "Ms. Wong, you MUST mail the non renewal by cert...." Seriously? They couldn't figure it out? And worse, this "qualified" building manager wrote this part at the bottom, which just made her sound more intelligent "Please let me know what you decided."

3rd attempt: this should be completely unnecessary but not for Le Chatelain.
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