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February 2, 2010,

Here is a letter I sent to Mr. G who is in charge of 175 Sherbrooke West, Le Chatelain Apartments, two weeks ago and am still waiting for his response. Le Chatelain has trouble taking care of the mice problems that came to visit in Fall 2009 and also has trouble taking responsibility for answering to these written documents from their paying tenants. One of the new building managers has no trouble sending out evacuation threats verbally, email form, and in written form before Gilber has responded to the mice damage compensations. Interesting policies don't you think?...

January 16, 2010

Dear Mr. G,

I let a sublet take over my apartment from September-December 2009. She is a neat girl. Before she arrived, I have packed away my boxes in the closets and in boxes underneath the sink. The Sublet informed me that my dried goods and sauces underneath the sink are damaged and unusable. They are unsafe and may cause hazardous health harms. Some of my utensils even have giant bite marks from the mice. Please see picture below.

Spatula with bite marks

I have never had this happen before. I was not here for four months and when I returned I was told not only by my sublet but also by multiple neighbours on floors 3 different floors that there were mice in this building in the past few months and the workers took a long time to come and get rid of them. I am not too sure what would be considered a long time because I was not here. I do however know that there was a list of damaged goods and I am in seek of compensation for this situation. I did not leave the apartment in bad condition and do not deserve to have damaged and unusable stuff when I return. On January 13, 2010, I had an appointment at the Regie de Logement to get information on who I would be asking for compensation and how to deal with this situation. They informed me that this would be the responsibility of the building and I should do an inventory list of my valuables that were affected by this and ask for rent reduction for Feburary. I attached a photocopy of my appointment confirmation with the Regie du Logement. On January 14, 2010, I went to the local Metro and Provigo grocery stores to do a proper inventory check for the list of belongings. For the rest of the things that were bought in other stores such as Chinatown or Zellers, a phone call for inventory check was conducted. Next Page is a detailed list of the goods that were underneath my kitchen sink.

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