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I am writing this as a warning to those first years who are finding their first appartments in the McGill Ghetto.

In the past year 2009-2010 I lived in an apartment in the building 3610 Durocher where I was subjected to the continued idiocy of the buildings manager. Not only was he an idiot, but an angry one at that who took to physical threats and screaming matches when I wouldn't back down from my legal rights.

To start with, the building when I rented was still under renovations, and in my lease it stiuplated that all renovations would be completed by June, the second month of my lease. This included brand new windows, because my appartment had gapping holes during May. However, after being away for the summer and having subleters I came back to find out that the windows had not been installed. I called the manager immediatly who couldn't give me a straight answer as to why other than a bunch of delays. Finally after calling the head office I had my answer that they hadn't recieved proper planning permission and had been shut down until they maintained the historic facade of the building. After calling the headoffice who were appologetic I was promised compesnation for works not done. However I have never recieved this compensation despite calling almost weekly for 2 months.

While having gaping holes was annoying for noise it didn't strike me as much of an issue otherwise in my appartment since I was rather high up in the building. However one evening to my horror I noticed millions of bugs swarming the lights which I had forgotten to turn off as I went out. This was on the weekend so I called the management immediatly who basically told me there was nothing they could do until the weekday. So I took it into my own hands to get rid of the bugs buying supplies totalling around 50 dollars. I got rid of the bugs with documented pictoral evidence and again phone the head office who promised me compensation, and again never followed through.

Then we had a leak which was coming from one of the bathrooms. While we phoned nearly every week to get it fixed (it didn't really bother us since it was very small however we were concerned it might cause a drip from the ceiling downstairs), it didn't get fixed for two months. Then when it finally did it took a week of gutting the bathroom to have it fixed. All the while small repairs that have been needed such as grout breakage or the fact that parts of the bathtub have come off the faucets we havn't even bothered to try to fix since it takes so long for anything to happen.

So obviously we decided to move out since this management was just unacceptable. Upon giving notice hwoever, the manager proceeded to just show up at our door with prospective tenants for next year. Legally we are required to be given 24 hours notice if the landlord intends to entire our home. We were not. So when I complained about his behaiour (I was espessially upset becuase I had jumped out of the shower and was not properly dressed and he seemed totally fine with forcing people inside despite my attire) he came to my door and began to yell at me. I told him calmly he was required to give 24 hours notice to which he shoved a peice of paper in my face with times and continued to yell. So I said thank-you and locked the door however he proceeded to yell at me through the door. The yelling was so loud that 2 of my neighbours came over to ask if I was alirght.

Therefore I am writing this as a warning because the behaviour I have resieved while living in this building has been appalling and I hope no one is ever phsyically threatened by their landlord as I was. As a note as far as I am aware despite my complaints he has yet to lose his job or have any reprimanding.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
A very unhappy cogir. customer.
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