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To Whom It May Concern,

I have been living in Le Chatelain (175 Sherbrooke West, Montreal QC H2X 1X5) for two VERY BAD months since July 2009 and I have yet to have something positive to say about this place. This letter being sent to the head office is urgent because of my frustrations with the repairs and renovations which have not satisfied my needs at all to the standards that were promised by my building manager when I signed the lease in June 2009.

I first saw the advertisement for this apartment was to be available for June 15th a few months ago. When I came by in June to see the apartment for the first time, the floors were not in place, the doors, shelves and tiles were taken out to be redone and nothing was functioning. I was told by the building manager that everything was going to be brand new (appliances such as bathroom, stove, windows). The stove, toilet, and refrigerator took weeks to be delivered to me. I was told by all employees different delivery dates of when each of those items were ordered. It was very confusing and hard to keep track of. If something was not done on time, I was told a different date to expect it to be completed.

I was assured that the major renovations would be done before I moved in on June 26th, 2009. That did not occur. I had to use someone else’s bathroom and was unable to eat in my apartment because BOTH my bathroom and kitchen were incomplete. Nothing was functioning and everything was disgusting and dirty. There was everything from paint bits and woodchips to dust and dirt on all the counters, drawers, and floors. Squatting in the apartment for the first week without any rent reduction compensation was making me miserable and I feel it is highly unjust because promises about the apartment were not kept. I considered it squatting because I was living in a hole for $725 a month where I could not eat in or even use the bathroom. The only I could do in my apartment was sleep in the very dusty bedroom – where there was dust (that painted everything sandy colours) on the floors, closet and even the ceiling. The first month was difficult for me to unpack anything because I knew the cleaning lady was supposed to come and clear all the woodchips, dust and dirt from the windows, floors, etc. Living out of boxes and suitcases would not be ideal conditions either. I would not consider that living, I would consider that squatting, while being charged full rent.

Weeks later when the refrigerator was finally installed in my apartment, the maintenance workers did not transfer my food properly. They forgot all the food in my freezer which was a loss of $30 of food for me. By the time they brought it back at the end of the evening, everything was spoiled.

The temporary stove that they gave me before the new stove that came with the apartment did not even work. It quickly shut off after one use. So for that month, I had to eat out every day. This was not something that my body was used to and made me ill at the end. I had to take a sick day from work which cost me a full day’s pay. Eating out every day because the workers did not come by to fix my appliances on time is completely unacceptable. When I was told that I had to be flexible and patient with the renovation process, I did not know that I would have to expend a significant portion of my budget because I could not even eat in my own apartment. 3 meals a day at the approximate costs of:
Breakfast: $10
Lunch: $18
Dinner: $30

My main question is why the greed? This may be based only on the actions of Chatelain employees’ as opposed to motivations. Why would the building manager who was so eager to get me to sign my lease and pay a deposit for July’s rent when my apartment was only going to be fully renovated and completed for September? I say this because of today, August 10, 2009, there are still fixtures that have yet to be completed. I was told that I was no longer one of the urgent tenants (because I am assuming that there are other tenants who received false promises about their renovation dates and are suffering the way I suffered in my apartment for an entire last month).

The fixtures I am still waiting for the maintenance crew to come and fix are:
-the kitchen tiles that were installed are already coming apart
-the kitchen cabinets do not close
-the sink in the bathroom is clogged
-the toilet flush is slow
-the bathroom tile is broken (they actually installed a brand new broken tile in the bathroom and
claimed it as new)
-the installed heater in the living room is already coming apart
-the bedroom window needs to be repainted – because it is still the colour of blood from the last
-the black spots on the floor needs to be rid of (this could be the same tar stains that damaged $155 of
my possessions from one of the maintenance workers).
-the front closet cannot hang clothes because the bar is too close to the shelf. When placed in, the
measurements were not done properly so my clothes are still waiting to be hung.....for the past 6
-Very important: the bug screens were not installed in my living room window.

I have also attached with this letter my medical note. If a tenant who is highly allergic to insect bites is NOT of “high priority,” I would very much like to know who would be getting their window screens installed before me? I now have had 5 insect bites on my back, 1 on my leg and 2 on my neck. From living in my apartment where the windows do not close properly allowing insects to fly in the middle of night, I have experienced 2 puss-filled swellings to pop, 4 spots of skin discoloration, 1 doctor’s appointment and $25 of bug spray and medication. It is terrifying to be allergic to your own apartment that you cannot sleep in without waking up a new insect bite every single day. For the 4 years I have lived in Montreal, I have never had this experience with an apartment before.

I have tried to be very patient with the renovations process but I do not see how that is helping in this case. For the past 3 weeks where I have tried to be flexible by not saying anything, nothing has been done. The only thing close was a visit from the maintenance workers who came by to “take a look” and what’s wrong and left without any fixtures but a bunch of promises.

I have also tried to be proactive which is where I learned how the building manager’s “routine” seems to work. Every time you go in the morning, you get told that they will be up in the afternoon. While spending endless days waiting in the hot apartment (where I cannot open the windows because I STILL do not have screens installed), you would go back to office in the afternoon and tell the building managers that the workers never showed up. The managers would respond with the same answer each time “They are now off for the day, They’ll be back tomorrow morning.” This is a vicious cycle that I do not deserve to be placed in. I have never paid a day late on my rent and have a clear background check. Why am I not receiving the apartment that I paid for? If anything, I am currently losing money by staying in this apartment due to the slow repair processes.
I have recorded the losses that I have personally incurred so far since moving to Le Chatelain.

1) July - Food spoilage during refrigerator transfer - $30
2) July - Lack of stove for almost 3 weeks:
-Breakfast: $10
-Lunch: $18
-Dinner: $30
= $144

3) August – doctor’s medications for bugs - $25
4) sick day from work under living conditions - $70
5) Using someone else’s bathroom for a week – ?
6) waiting for 2 months for renovations to be completed? - ?

I truly believe that the experiences of the tenants tell a lot about an organization. The way that Le Chatelain is running right now is not contributing anything to its brand name. I sincerely hope that future tenants would not be led to the same misfortunes as I have.


Joined: Aug 10 2009 18:41
Messages: 6

Montreal Mirror Review of Le Chatelain:

(really tragic story)
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