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Joined: Jun 03 2009 11:26
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What can you tell me about this guys "Federal Real State Montreal"?
Are they the best option to rent in montreal?
They ask to much personal information like bank account # for the online application so it made me feel suspicious.
Great day,
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Joined: Jun 03 2009 11:26
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Their website is:
What about them?
any advice?

Joined: Sep 12 2009 16:24
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The name and site are fishy.
There's nothing federal about this, it's a private company. A private company that masquerades as a public one and decorates a cheap web layout with tormenting jargon like 'we have cultivated a reputation'.

But as long as you have a lease, you've got little to worry about--well, other than what all tenants have to worry about. This may just be a very badly played out marketing idea from a decent organization.

Joined: Nov 26 2009 19:29
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I filled out an application for an apartment (in person with the super of the building, not online) and left the deposit. I waited three full weeks to hear back from them on the status of the application, only to call them myself and find out I had been denied. I had to make several phone calls to different people before someone got around to giving me an explanation.

Apparently they have extremely high standards for the credit search they run. I had one late student loan payment this year and that was enough for them to reject me for a $675/month apartment, even though I am employed full time and can well afford the apartment.

The woman I spoke to refused to acknowledge that maybe someone should have informed me that my application was rejected, and in fact was very rude about the entire thing. I was surprised and disappointed because they were going to allow me to go on waiting and waiting for how long? ... While $300 of my own money sat waiting for me in the super's apartment. She just dismissed me and said "Well whatever, I figured someone else did it." They rented the apartment in the meantime without ever giving me the courtesy of any notification.

The whole thing was very unprofessional and incredibly disrespectful.


Joined: Jul 02 2010 18:31
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Several of their apartments are listed as "pet friendly".

My wife was told that they would not accept our cat?

Joined: Jul 12 2011 13:00
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I agree, i had a bad experience with these people. I went to see a 700$ apartment with my 1 year old and when he heard I was a student he wrote me off right away even though I wanted to fill out the application. I guess being a student and having a child he assumed I couldnt afford it before even getting my information! And based on the fact that I was renting a 1000$ place before that, it was clear I could afford it. Pretty rude if you ask me, I guess there credit checks are pretty stiff but writing someone off before you even get their information is really rude, he had the attitude that it was a waste of time to even let me fill out an application. I would suggest you avoid this company just based on their attitude

Joined: Nov 17 2011 12:51
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Joined: Jun 25 2012 01:11
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These people are shady and RUDE. My friend wanted to get an apartment in 2150 Mackay. She filled out an application and was asked to hand over a deposit of a few hundred dollars. She was guaranteed that she would take over a specific apartment because the tenants were apparently moving out a few days before she was supposed to move in. However, whenever my friend would ask to sign the lease to make it official (she didn't trust the staff member she was dealing with, who seemed sneaky), he would make excuses but kept promising her she will get the apartment. He's all talk and no one to trust. It figured out the tenant of the place she was promised to get wasn't even moving out. My friend only found this out because she knocked on the tenants door and spoke to him personally. The tenant was surprised that his apartment which he had the lease for was being promised to someone else. So either the staff are disorganized & don't have any idea whats going on in their own building, or this staff member she was dealing with wanted to pocket her deposit money. Promise apartments to everyone collecting their deposits then having them fight to get their deposit back after they discover (through the grape vine) they never had the apartment they were promised. When my friend informed this staff member of this issue- how could have she been promised a place that wasn't even available, she was then promised another apartment on another floor. But he kept making excuses when it came to signing an official lease. He continued to give her the run around and later she found out that the OTHER apartment she was promised went to somebody else (probably someone who agreed to pay more rent). She found this out only a few weeks before her own lease was up (this nonsense of false promises and run-arounds lasted a few months). Right before her own lease was up and she had only 2 weeks to secure an apartment, she told the staff that she needs the 100% guarantee for an apartment she gave a deposit for otherwise she will literally be homeless. After more games and run-arounds, it became clear they weren't giving her an apartment so she asked for her deposit back. The same staff member she was dealing with the whole time became very aggressive & rude (his fake "gentlemen" persona is an act. A bad act) and threatened to "see her in court" (his words). My friend was so upset - she was screwed out of an apartment, now only had days to find a new place before her own lease was up (the run-around given to her by 2150 Mackay lasted a few months) and now she was being threatened by the rude & shady staff member! Eventually she got her deposit back, after having to be yelled at by the staff member. It was an ugly experience for. Talk about unprofessional, rude staff working for this company. And suspicious & shady - this staff member just wanted to pocket her deposit!

Joined: Feb 20 2013 12:43
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I keep calling to see places and no one returns my calls. Perhaps because I told them I would not fill anything out in advance and give out sensitive info (especially on-line) until I have seen an apartment.

No one has returned my call. I guess this saved me a heap of trouble from what I'm hearing.

Thanks everyone!

Joined: May 08 2013 16:40
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Darn, I was looking for places and the Federal Real Estate building on 3565 Lorne looked nice But now I am really suspicious of these people. I did ask someone moving out of this building if he liked it and he said it wasn't bad. Unfortunately he was busy and I couldn't get much more out of him.
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