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Finally, somebody with a little common sense: Nathalie Collard wrote a little article in La Press which verbalizes a pretty obvious fact - LA VILLE SOUTERRAINE is NOT a tourist attraction! Stop promoting it as such!

Indeed, every damn tourist guide to Montreal is mentioning the impressive thing we have under our feet. Ok, may be it's impressive to some people. It may even be useful.

But let's face it - it's a pretty depressing little shelter which only exists because of the climate. Nobody would have constructed if it were not for the basic necessity to be warm in winter. It's boring, commonplace, mostly unattractive and has questionable smell at times. It's not a freaking attraction. Unless you consider LA's highways an attraction or New York's housing projects. It's there, it works (if it didn't, it wouldn't be there). Leave it out of the guidebooks.
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