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Since we're talking about visits and friends' impressions, I'll tell you what I saw at The Montfort

A friend of mine used to live there in a small $650/m studio. While the building is reasonably well-managed (according to him), I find the combination of small size, low ceilings, bad light (in the case of his apartment, I realize other apartments facing the street are better) to be pretty depressing.

Among other nuisances: regular false fire alarms (a creepy voice announcing it right inside your apartment - can be quite scary if you forget you have a loudspeaker installed there...) and problems with heat control in the winter (he claims to have slept in balmy 30C on some nights).

I also knew another person who lived in The Montfort. Given his low budget, he was very happy with his apartment (I haven't seen that one) and said it compared favorably to other Concordia-area buildings. At other buildings, he said, there's a constant problem with ethnic food smells (something I heard from many Canadians living in low-end rentals). The Montfort, he said, is relatively smell-free. Take it for what it's worth...

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Hi Do you know anyone who lived in 1745 Cedar Avenue, next to the hospital. I would like to know whether people like it or not.


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Found this reply for you about the building:
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