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I noticed most of the posts about this apartment building are from last year.

I am checking out a unit in this building tomorrow and am wondering if any current tenants have anything new to say about the building? Is the noise level still unreasonable? Is this a safe area to live in?


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Hi Almo84,

I posted here last year but I'm still living in the building. My girlfriend and I are moving out next June though.

To answer your questions, I'd say the building and area is a safe one, but the noise is a problem for us, but it's really your decision. It comes down to what you like....

If you don't mind loud sirens, drunk kids screaming out on the street and having teenage neighbours who don't give a shit about you and blare loud music at all hours of the night (seriously, the building is full of these kids), then you'll love this place and the proximity to everything.

If you're a young professional looking for a quiet place downtown then this is definitely NOT your place.

I find the place pretty small for the price as well, but I guess that's what you get for living downtown.

Hope this helps.

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I've visited a 3 1/2 recently and I'm thinking of moving in there, the apartment is located on the back side of the building and the manager told me that the people who have noise problems are those living on the front side of the building (street view).
I would like to know if it's true.

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